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How to Handle Objections to Confirmation

Almost every Chapter 13 case will have objections issued after the 341 hearing.  This is a completely normal process.  When you receive these objections in the mail don’t panic.  What you do need to do is schedule a meeting with our office in order to review these objections so that we can get these resolved before the next hearing.  Typical objections include:

  1. Funding (Meaning that your trustee payments are not current)
  2. Proof of Mortgage Payments
  3. Proof of HOA (Homeowner Association) Payments
  4. Proof of Student Loan Payments

Once you meet with our office we will draft all needed amendments.  The important thing is that you get all required documents to our office AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR HEARING.

If all documents and amendments are not received and signed off on then you will have to attend your confirmation hearing. Save yourself a trip to court and get these items taken care of beforehand.

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