Child Support Repayment Assistance

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[vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Trying to recover from a nasty custody fight?[/vc_list_item][vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Facing an arrest warrant for unpaid support?[/vc_list_item][vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Is your payscheck being garnishment?[/vc_list_item][vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Behind on support payments and being threatened with court?[/vc_list_item][vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Cannot afford family law attorney fees anymore fighting over support?[/vc_list_item][vc_list_item icon_name=”fa-check”]Has your license been suspended for non-payment?[/vc_list_item]
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If you are struggling to make child support payments because of other overwhelming debts, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection may help your financial situation. Though support payments generally cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, there are several ways that filing bankruptcy can help you.

By filing a case under the Bankruptcy Code, you may relieve yourself of those debts (if you fit the criteria and file for Chapter 7) or lower those debts (if you file for Chapter 13 which requires you to repay some or all of your debt), freeing your income to pay your child support.

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If your driver’s license has been taken away or if a warrant has been issued for your arrest due to unpaid child support filing a case under the Bankruptcy Code will allow you to regain your license and stop an arrest for non-payment.

Although a Chapter 13 repayment plan will not allow you to modify your existing child support payment amount, it will allow you take any amount that you have fallen behind on and place that into a 60 month repayment plan. This allows you to get back on your feet without worrying about being thrown in jail or unable to drive to work.

If you are constantly spending money that you don’t have on family law attorney fees to right arrest warrants and license suspensions call us and we can show you how to get back on track and focus on your future!

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