Bankruptcy Consultation by Video

We Understand Our Clients Have Busy Lives!

FAQ About Video Consults

You will ONLY meet with an experienced Georgia attorney from our office. We are a locally based law firm so you only meet with an experienced attorney from Saedi Law Group.

Clients have busy lives and busy schedules. With today’s technology it is easy to accommodate your schedule and preference if you would rather do a video consult as opposed to driving to an attorney’s office. We kept seeing clients from areas outside of Atlanta that had been charged higher fees and received less than perfect service just because they went to the closest attorney instead of the best. We are passionate about providing superior bankruptcy service to each and every client.  Although we offer 10 office locations to meet with clients we cannot have an office in every county in Georgia so by conducting video consults we are able to offer our services to clients in every county in Georgia.

Yes. There is NO difference in regards to the confidentiality laws. If you meet with an attorney in person or if you meet with an attorney on a video call you have the same rights.

Your attorney will prepare your petition and email you the draft to review. Once you get back to the attorney with any edits or changes the attorney will email you petition to review and sign online. You will have the same attorney access and responsiveness from our office as a client that came in to meet with an attorney.

No problem! We have over 10 office locations to meet with clients in Georgia. Just let us know the closest office to you and we can schedule an appointment at any time before or after your case is filed.

Review Sensitive Financial Matters from the Comfort of Your Home or Office

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For many clients, conducting a meeting from home or at work is easier than driving to an office (especially with Atlanta traffic these days).


Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision and some clients feel anxious coming into an office to disclose their financial information.

Access to Experts

You will not be limited to just the attorneys right next door. You can work with a law firm that was recently named one of the Top 10 Bankruptcy Law Firms in Georgia.

Office Locations

Since we cannot have an office in every county we started offering video consults. With video consults, clients can have bankruptcy representation no matter where they live in Georgia.

Emergency Case Filing

When your car has just been repossessed or your bank account garnished you need immediate help. Don’t waste any time!

Discounted Attorney Fees

All video consultations receive 25% off our regular attorney fees.

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"Our client motto is "Always Do Right". Once you meet with us you will see why clients prefer Saedi Law Group to those large bankruptcy mill firms on the TV and radio. Why pay more for less than 100% personalized legal services" Lorena Saedi, Founder Saedi Law Group