Bankruptcy Attorney Chapter 13 and Chapter 7

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney you have many choices.  With all of the flashy radio and tv ads it can be confusing when determining who is the best fit for you when deciding who to retain as your attorney.  Saedi Law Group is proud of our dedication to personalized service.  Our clients work with the same attorney from start to finish on their case.  Clients are not passed around to paralegals!

If a firm is filing hundreds of cases per month how are you going to get an attorney (not a paralegal) that is dedicated to your case?  You need to be able to call, email, and meet with the same attorney that you met when you came in.

Our firm usually charges less in attorney fees or about the same as these “bankruptcy mill” firms.  Bankruptcy is a serious matter and you need to have a professional and responsible legal team behind you.

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