Former Client Requests

Former Client Request

If you are a former client of our firm and need additional help please complete this form so that your request is routed to the proper managing attorney.

Request Case Documents

If you forgot to add a creditor to your case please complete this form out so that the proper amendment can be filed.

Stop Employer Deduction Order

If your employer deduction is still being deducted from  your check please provide them a copy of your dismissal order which you should have received in the mail. If you need a copy please email info@saedilawgroup.com.

Credit Report Issues and Questions

If the repossession occurs after the filing of the bankruptcy the account should not show as “repossession,” since the last event concerning the account will be the bankruptcy so it will show payment history through the filing date bill will reflect the balance owed as $0.00 and will contain the notation that it was “discharged in bankruptcy.” If, however, the debt was reaffirmed, the debt will show repossession and the balanced owed to the creditor after the vehicle was sold.

If the foreclosure is filed after the filing of the bankruptcy the account should not show as “foreclosed,” since the last event concerning the account will be the bankruptcy so it will show payment history up to the filing date and will show the balance owed as $0.00. It will also have a notation that it was “discharged in bankruptcy.” The account and history will remain for 7 years from filing of bankruptcy or first delinquency (if account was not ever again brought current), whichever period is earlier.

This is a common inquiry we receive from former clients.  We remind clients to pull their credit reports 6 weeks after discharge and to contact us if they see anything that is incorrect.  We offer assistance for this the first 6 months after the case is discharged.  If you find an error on your report you need to file a dispute with BOTH the credit reporting agencies AND the creditor who is reporting incorrectly.  For a sample letter to send to the agencies please click HERE.  To make your dispute online with all three credit reporting agencies please click HERE.

Remember to send all correspondence via certified mail to ensure you have proof of the dispute.

Most people do NOT reaffirm their mortgages in Chapter 7.  This is so a mortgage creditor will have ability to sue you for a balance in the event you end of losing the home.  Once your case discharges the mortgage company will stop reporting payments to the credit bureau.   If you are trying to refinance and the lender is giving you a hard to about the payments not posting you can provide proof of your payments and use another a lender.  We frequently see lenders who tell clients to just “reopen” their cases to file a reaffirmation agreement however our courts are not likely to do so.

Although this does not come up too frequently, it is a usually because a client did not pull all reports after filing and ensure the reports where updated/correct.  Sometimes a credit may have gotten a lien AFTER filing (which is completely illegal and has to be removed) and sometimes a client was not aware a lien was even there before filing.  Whatever the reason, this is NOT a quick matter to resolve and you will need to provide our office with a copy of this lien.  DO NOT HAVE YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT CALL US!  We do not talk to third parties about your case.  You can review with our office and we are happy to assist.

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