Saedi Law Group was founded in 2010, however the attorneys at Saedi Law Group have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 40 years combined experience.  We have handled thousands of Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases in every division of the Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court.  Our attorneys have obtained sanctions against creditors who took aggressive action against our clients and litigate on behalf of our clients every day.

Our firm is not afraid to put matters in front of the court and argue the law.  Make sure you choose a lawyer that doesn’t just file papers but is prepared to litigate on your behalf as well. Some recent examples of our case results:

-Recent Chapter 7 client who had over $100,000 in tax liens. We analyzed the tax returns and prepared a chapter 7 to discharge these taxes.  In about 5 months the client was tax free.

-Recent Chapter 13 discharge from a case filed in 2015 that allowed the debtor to exit bankruptcy with their second mortgage removed and the rest of their debt. gone.

-Recent Chapter 13 case that had our client being threatened with jail over unpaid child support. We set up a chapter 13 repayment plan over 5 years and stopped the warrant process immediately.

-Recent Chapter 7 case that stopped a contract dispute lawsuit by a multi-million dollar company against our entrepreneur client who was being sued for over $5 million dollars.

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