If you are considering filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 you have probably already started Googling and searching the Internet for information on the bankruptcy process and for information on bankruptcy lawyers and law firms in Georgia.

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney you have many choices.  With all of the flashy radio and tv ads it can be confusing when determining who is the best fit for you when deciding who to retain as your attorney. While there are many excellent law firms in Georgia, there are also a number of firms, called “bankruptcy mills”, which focus on high-volume bankruptcy filings.  The more cases, the more money.  The problem with this model is what when a law firm has more cases than attorneys (NOT PARALEGALS) can provide attention to, the quality of legal services suffer.

Before choosing one of these “bankruptcy mill” law firms ask yourself this:

  • If a firm is filing hundreds of cases per month how are you going to get an attorney (not a paralegal) that is dedicated to YOUR case?  You need to be able to call, email, and meet with the same attorney that you met when you came in. Do you want to tell you issues to several people each time you call trying to get answers?
  • When you compare the total cost to file (not the gimmick “get started” deals) which firm is really the best value? Remember that it may be YEARS before you realize that a serious error was made in your case! If you have a hard time talking your attorney while you are paying them, imagine how hard it will be to get help after their attorney fees have been paid!
  • Are the attorneys available to speak to you or are you constantly talking to support staff?  Can you email with your attorney (not just support staff)?
  • If something complex comes up in your case, will you receive the immediate attention you need? Bankruptcy is a very complex area of the law and if an attorney is not well versed in the law and keeping an eye on your case, you may lose assets, pay more than you were supposed to in your case, or have the case dismissed entirely.

The best way to select the right attorney is to have a consultation with an attorney (not a paralegal) from the bankruptcy firm. It is very important to contact several bankruptcy firms in order to find an office that best fits your needs and that you feel comfortable working with on your case.

Saedi Law Group is proud of our dedication to personalized service.  Our clients work with the same attorney from start to finish on their case.  Clients are not passed around to paralegals!  Our firm usually charges less in attorney fees or about the same as these “bankruptcy mill” firms.  We refile a large number of cases from clients who used a bankruptcy mill first and the comments are always the same:

“Wow, no one sat down to really explain the process to me like this before”

“Thank you guys for being so NICE and listening to me and not rushing me to make a decision”

“I have had more contact with an attorney during my first consult with Saedi Law Group than I did the entire time I was with the other firm”

Saedi Law Group is dedicated to helping Georgia consumers get a fresh start through bankruptcy. We offer free and confidential consultations to anyone who has questions about the process and to see if they qualify.

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